The 1981 murder of 6 year old Adam Walsh is solved!  John Walsh flanked on either side by his other children and his wife Reve, were relieved because John Walsh said the not knowing for all of these years was completely tortuous.

Hollywood Fla., police chief Chadwick Wagner admitted to many missteps, and missed DNA. The  police had the lone suspect the whole time Ottis Toole, had admitted to hie niece on his deathbed that he did kill Adam Walsh. Two times he had previously confessed, and then two times he had recanted. At the same time he confessed to to be the murderer of over 100 other people; which the police figured was not true.

So, that is it!  Ottis Toole killed Adam Walsh and police will not say what led to their decision that it was definitive this time. And even with the police missing the mark in this case John Walsh was still giving thanks to the Hollywood police force. Toole was serving 5 lifesentences for other unrelated murders at the time of his death.

Adam Walsh’s death prompted a great deal of activism. Now the creation of a national database and the creation of a toll free number devoted only to children and of course the show “America’s Most Wanted” all thanks to John Walsh and the Walsh family.

Adam Walsh is gone, and he went way too soon.   It is a bittersweet day for the Walsh family. They have long survived without the knowledge of who did this and now closure is their’s. Today is also Adam Walsh’s day. Good Bless you Walsh family. You now have knowledge that your search for Adam’s killer is finally over, and he is very, very far away from you all.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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