Drew Peterson/Robbbing The Cradle Again!

In a little of about two months ago or so Mr. Drew Peterson had consulted with prominent area divorce lawyer Jeffry Leving. Mr. Leving has done incredible work for father’s rights where visitation rights would be violated by an ex-wife. Congratulations! When Mr. Drew Peterson consulted the lawyer it was to inquire as to a divorce from Stacey Peterson. As we all may know she is very missing! Mr. Peterson would like us all to think that she went missing by way of running off to live infree love with a new lover! But we all know the truth. The simple truth is that she may have met her demise by way of Mr. Peterson’s hand.

Currently Drew has not been charged with a crime but remains a suspect in her disappearance. His second wife Kathleen Savio has been exhumed and now her death is in question. Again Drew appears to be in the middle of the suspicion. It seems that ex-cop Drew Peterson perhaps has used his knowledge of police work and or police friends in aiding and abetting him.

Mr. Peterson has a new girlfriend, she is a twenty three year old woman! He is fifty-four years old! I have to ask my self, doesn’t she read the papers? Hasn’t she turned on the TV? Why in the world would she want to subject herself to the scrutiny that he soon will face, the potential abuse he is very known to espouse? Why oh why would you put yourself in harms way?  Because just like Stacy she is young and doesn’t know better! She may be infatuated. But seriously folks, sex would be better with a twenty three year old!  Oh and by the way Ms newly engaged I must say to you- watch your back and don’t piss him off or else!  You just don’t know what might happen!  I was wondering if she knew how to hold a firearm?  I wonder if someone could give her a copy of Sleeping With The Enemy! Or just find the girls’ mother and ask her why the hell is she letting her kid go out with Drew!  And then spank her mother!

Drew would like to receive a divorce from Stacy on the grounds that she has abandoned him. Really, Mr. Peterson you told a prominent person on TV one day that you and Stacy were still intimate just before she disappeared, if this was the case, why aren’t you still looking for her? Why aren’t you panicked that you can’t find her? In fact isn’t you Mr. Peterson who has done the abandoning?

Gee you and Casey Anthony would go good together! Maybe it is her that you should marry! After all, the two of them enjoy doing new conquests, they could do them together -oh wait one is in jail and other will go in soon, yeah on 2nd thought that might not work out!

P.S. Someone should tell this girl it may take a long time before he is divorced!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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