Drew Peterson/Victim #5?!

Step right up, get in the “I want to marry Drew Peterson line”?! It appears that Drew Peterson is engaged again! What? And of course he’s  still married!  He did not want this out in the public media. Why? Because we all know that this is not a good thing for this young lady!

The s*&#t finally hit the fan approximately one month ago when Mr. Ernie Raines approached Drew Peterson to let him know that he is going to everything he can to stop his daughter from dating and/or marrying Drew Peterson. His daughter, Christina Raines (23) says that she and Drew are just friends and that she has a friendship ring  from someone else. I am glad her father is outraged. We all are!  This young and highly gullible girl is being told she will be treated nice, given gifts, and trips and money. Drew also thinks that he is a star. He believes he is a celebrity! Drew Peterson is 54 years old, Christina Raines is 23 years old (that would put her at the same age as Stacy Peterson) and Ernie Raines is 53 years old! Her father is younger than Drew by one year!

First of all, someone should tell Ms Raines that when people in general look for a marriage partner, one that has already been married four times, is most likely not a candidate for marriage. Now you throw in the little oddities that wife number three is dead and it has recently been ruled a homicide, and now wife number four is currently missing, and he is a suspect in one and a person of interest in the other; run the other way!  Run as fast as you can! And finally Ms Raines would also have an automatic family (she would have to take care of)by at least by two of the wives. This doesn’t sound good Ms Raines no matter what he has promised you.

This is just disgusting and I believe that it is either a publicity stunt or even some type of legal maneuver, to finalize this divorce from fourth wife Stacy. Drew Peterson stated that the media ruined his just recent past love, and he wasn’t going to have this one ruined by giving her name out! In four short months Drew has managed to promise the young girl the moon and she actually believes that she will get it. Unfortunately this could be something that could ruin her life forever.

Fortunately this girl has Ernie Raines, her dad, because he told Drew Peterson to his face that if he didn’t answer his cell phone he was going to drive his car threw his house!  You go Mr. Raines! Do what you have to do to keep your daughter safe, I would!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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