Caylee Anthony DNA Confirmed!

The heavily wooded lot that was only approximately fifteen houses away from Cindy and George Anthony’s home, has yielded more than just weeds and marshy-land, first the skull and then the trail of bones scattered about.

Today Dr. Jan Garavaglia has confirmed that there is a genetic match to the DNA for that of missing Caylee Anthony!

Sad, and very bittersweet. All the hard work of police and FBI has paid off. Their work offered more than just clues and evidence; their hard work will offer Cindy and George Anthony some dignity to little Caylee. It will help to know in their hearts that every effort was made to gather everything that they could to bury the baby in the most complete way.

The Orange County worker that discovered the “bag” in which the little girl’s skull was found is said to have made other attempts to report suspicious bag out there. He was at the press conference today and his identity is revealed as Roy Kronk. No matter happens as the story ensues; we are all happy that he did go back into the brush to relieve himself, and therefore stumbling upon poor baby Caylee.

Jose Baez has been notified of the confirmation that the bones were that of Caylee, he would not comment on how Casey Anthony has taken the news. And for that matter do we care?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in  a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Caylee Anthony DNA Confirmed!

  1. Good post Mary! Unfortuantely, what we all have known all along has been confirmed and now we as a nation grieve for a little girl that we have never met. And No by the way. Quite frankly I don’t care how Casey Anthony is taking it. Because I am again convinced that she is a scheming, mentally ill, psychopath that has committed to ultimate crime. Now she turned her pastor away? In a time when a supposed “innocent” mother has learned of her child’s remains definately being identified, wouldn’t you think that you would be asking for spiritual guidance and not your defense attorney? Oh this is far from over. While I am all for the death penalty that is too easy for Casey Anthony. No you don’t get to go out with another big bang as the center of the media attention. Everyday, in a cell, for the rest of your life, with pictures plastered on walls and video being played over and over again of that beautiful baby. That is what she should have to do…

  2. halfpint42592, Thanks for the great comments.
    I too should think anyone that is innocent would seek out help and guidence from their advisor even if they weren’t of any significant faith. It would only help, as her parents are now doing. In succlusion, privately praying. Their world has not been the same since it all began. Casey has ruined so many lives! I am just praying that little Caylee did not suffer. Casey ruthless, cold, and heartless as she sat letting the baby stay out there, all alone, in a bag, in water, and only to be discovered some 6months later. I can’t understand that!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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