Drama With Drew Peterson

As usual drama surrounds Drew Peterson as always.  Drew Peterson insists that he is engaged to Christina Raines, (23) of Chicago. Now comes her family who say that he is a dreamer and is not engaged to her. She currently has a boyfriend with whom she is living with.  Peterson says that she has long broken her relationship with the other guy, they are residing together because of their lease on their residence. Peterson claims that they are engaged and the the rest of the world is trying to break us up and keep us apart! 

Drew Peterson claims he is having a nice relationship with her and that they both have kids and they play together. Ms Raines has two children.   Mr. Ernie Raines, Christina’s father is furious! He feels that she had turned Drew away, and rebuked  his advances and he is trying to ruin her good name, and drag any ounce of integritiy that she may have threw the mud!

The Raines family members are acquaintances of Drew Peterson. Mr. Peterson frequents a restaurant that both Christina and her boyfriend Mike  work at. Ms. Raines boyfriend has been in Peterson’s company; they have been hanging out together. Mr. Ernie Raines said he has warned his daughter to stay away from the likes of Peterson. He feels his daughter is naive and considers her venerable. He thinks that Drew Peterson is telling his daughter all kinds of stories just to win her over. Cousins of Christina Raines say that they feel that their cousin may be saying one thing to them and telling Drew Peterson something else.

None the less, isn’t this what abusers do?  Tell stories, and lie so they can get what they want? And then take over full control of a person?  No matter what, Mr. Peterson is far too old for a young girl who would be better off with a man near her own age.

It appears to me that Drew Peterson’s history precedes him and doesn’t history repeat itself? In his case it does! If I were her and her family, I’d make sure you all run the other direction. Ms. Raines does not need to be another sad statistic!

Just my thoughts just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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