Funeral Plans for Caylee Anthony

A make-shift memorial for Caylee had been set up outside the Anthony home as well as by the wooded lot that Caylee’s skeletal remains were found. Ever growing are the many well wishers as are all the gifts that are being brought to the memorials. Cindy and George Anthony thought a nice gesture to them deserved  an even nicer gesture back, so the Anthony’s have taken all stuffed animals and dolls to  the Orlando Union Mission, where some 90  homeless children will receive a gift for Christmas. The homeless children range in age from the youngest at about 18 months to age 10 or so.  I thought that this was a nice thing to do. What would become of all the things left there anyway?  They will become weathered and unusable if left on the street. Perhaps this will become the Anthony’s new mission: helping the homeless children. I know that I would feel some burden if I missed the mark so much with my own daughter that the end result was this!  My grief would be overwhelming and I would have to devote my life to something just so I could live with myself!

I know that’s alot to say, because some who have left the stuffed animals have mixed feelings on the Anthony’s giving them away.  I think the person would feel bad seeing their token of love become dirty and torn in shards. Just think of the stuffed animal bringing a smile to those who felt “Santa” would not come for them especially since the economy is hard this year.

It has been reported that Casey Anthony will be banned from any funeral proceedings that will take place. Unless ordered by a judge, an Orange County  Corrections spokesperson commented that he could not imagine where someone accused of murder has gone  out in the past to see the body of the victim.

According to Brad Conway, the lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony, When the Orange County Medical Examiner releases the body, an autopsy will then be done by the defense team. Then and only then will Cindy and George Anthony proceed with any funeral arrangements or way to memorialize Caylee. Mr. Conway stated that a trust fund will be set up for Caylee’s funeral plans. With the average funeral cost being $6000.00, (and that is the bear minimum- fancy headstone aside) the Anthony’s may not have it, to pay it. And any death benefits(if there are any)will be hard to collect because the individuals death is result of crime and murder. And no benefits can be collected until death certificates can be issued. Whatever the plans may be. Whatever the way funds will be collected. Poor Caylee deserves a day of dignity. I hope that she will be able to get it and soon! With the reported knowledge that Cindy and George Anthony have been to church services recently is a good sign!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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