Caylee Remains Released to Next of Kin!

Just today, Caylee Anthony’s remains were released to her family and the defense will now do a second autopsy. No current funeral plans are being announced as of yet. Just that the funeral with the family will be private, and the family will hold a public memorial at a later time. Casey is still  banned from attendance at Caylee’s services whenever they will happen. She has not contested this at all.

Earlier today the court ordered the x-rays and photo evidence from the original autopsy to the Baez defense team within the next fourteen days. The scene was opened and a courtesy phone call was made to Baez, but they did not head out to the scene as of yet. The impending proceedings in March most likely will not happen; it may be too soon. It is likely that this case will take a long time to start and the trial will take forever.

Investigators went back again to the Anthony home and striped the bedroom that Caylee once lived in, and also took things from Casey’s closet. Such as clothing, shoes, bedding, and two pair of sunglasses. The investigators also took samples of the soil at the Anthony home.  As soon as that happened the Baez team sent its people out to take their own soil sample. Let’s hope that evidence that has been collected will put Casey at the scene of the crime, or on Caylees person. That connection I feel must be made. It will be harder to cast any doubt in the eyes of that jury, if the physical evidence can prove she was there. At this time Baez has not filed for a change of venue yet. I am sure he will do that at any time now.

On a different note, it was quite sad that Jesse Grund came to tears on the Nancy Grace Show. He said he feels deeply the loss of Caylee and the sadness he feels. He also said that the Casey that he used to know is not the one who is sitting in jail. He said he thought he knew about the lies that she would tell, but did not think that she was capable of  such an horrendous crime as this. He told of the time that Casey did not make it to the mall to take Caylee for pictures with Santa, so he went and got the Santa suit and played Santa for Caylee. He explained that he misses her.

Let’s hope that the second autopsy will be over quickly so that Caylee can be given her day of dignity and grace.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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