Santa The Killer!?

In Covina California,right out of a scary movie, comes Santa arriving at a home full of children and packing presents. A little girl surprised with glee opens the door to let the much beloved Santa through the door.  When the gifts he was bearing nearly killed her and killed her entire family and friends!  Unfortunately Santa was packing guns and not dolls and candy! Santa, a.k.a.  Bruce Pardo appeared to have been motivated by  a purely domestic violence situation; bitter divorce.  He apparently arrived at the home of his ex-in laws and carried two guns and a canister full of flammable liquid that amounted to a homemade flame-thrower!

After Pardo shot everyone he could see in the house (some were jumping out of the windows) he then set fire to the house! He has killed nine people! The little girl who answered the door to Santa did survive; Santa shot her immediately in the face!  She is in life-threatening situation and faces a lifetime of pain ! Santa Pardo then went over to his brothers home where he committed suicide like a coward!

A pipe bomb is then to have said to have blown up in the rental vehicle that he arrived in. The people who have perished in this awful massacre will be positively identified by their dental records. It is believed that among the dead will be his ex-wife and her parents.

 I am enjoying; being  full of love for my family and enjoying the sheer bliss of being surrounded by people who I love and care about, and who love me and care about me. And then turning on the TV only to hear the sad story of another domestic violence situation on Christmas Day. I am feeling so sorry for the loss of that family and the simple innocence of the child so very excited to see Santa when her world came to a screeching halt! And only moments before enjoying her bliss with her cousins, friends, and neighbors in celebration of the holiday, most likely she and others are about to receive a present that she tried to be a good little girl all year to receive. And on a day that a lot of people feel is utmost religious and  in celebration of the birth of Christ,  the very devil himself arrived!  Satan in a Santa suit!  God that sucks!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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