Confusing Casey Anthony Case

The Casey Anthony case is getting more and more unusual as the date looms for trial to begin.(Which we all know is delayed)  First and foremost we all are aware that the defense in this case is going to do everything in its power to create doubt in the minds of potential jurors in the Florida area. This case has basically been tried in the public by way of media and the opinions of those representing the media.

Right or wrong the general public should hear any of the potential news that is generated. In this case: because of the high-profile  nature of it and because it involves a little child; the public, the neighbors in the area, and many of us far away in other states have “adopted” little Caylee. She has been part of the lives of the general news watcher for just under seven months. Some people don’t make commitment to a job or relationship for that long! (which of course  would make you a loser with a capital “L”!) This story became one that perhaps in a book somewhere, the main character would make it in the end. Which in the case of Caylee, she would’ve been fine and come home in the end.  But we all know that this story did not have that happy fairy tale ending. In fact this story has had more twists and turns than any mystery novel available. And now this case grows even more confusing each day.

The Private eye who was once working with the defense team as an investigator (who is not now employed by the defense) he is in fact employed by Cindy and George Anthony, allegedly took approximately one minute or so of video tape, he claims at the scene of where the body was found. Where he says no body was there. Huh? Before anyone knew it was a crime scene? Baez is trying to get an order of  attorney client privilege, or to say that this is lawyers “work”, which means this is like lawyers notes, these never come before the court. Why would he do that? Is he afraid of what he will say? Or did Baez know something before we all knew it?  Why did the video not get turned over to the police?

As for Casey’s brother Lee, he has retained a lawyer now. For what purpose? Did he do something or know something? Did he help Casey at anytime? This cannot be over the fact that he did not want to have a polygraph test!

Only time will tell all. We can only hope and pray that the evidence that the Orange County Sheriff,  the Police, and finally the FBI have obtained will put Casey Anthony smack-dab in the middle of everything as all of the circumstantial evidence points now.

For any of the potential jurors out there, proceed with an open mind, try to listen to the evidence, and try to make up your own mind. The day will come when the deliberations will take place; that is one jury I would not like to sit on!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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