Illinois Senate Being Held Hostage?

In a recent move, accused Governor Rod Blgojevich filled the open Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. Blogojevich appointed Roland Burris. Roland Burris has a long and great record of public service in Illinois. He has held three full terms as the state’s comptroller. He has served on many boards and committees and his record is beyond reproach.

Burris is 71 years old and has filed a motion to ask law makers in Illinois for a swift result to filling the seat. He has asked law makers to pass him through and he said that he is headed to Washington, and he feels that he currently is the Senate appointee. Secretary of State Jessie White is quoted as saying he will not certify the appointment even if he was his uncle or a bag of cement, he will not pass Burris through!  Rod Blagojevich is acting within the rights and responsibilities of the Governor of Illinois.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Patrick Fitzgerald’s office released transcripts, but it is all talk. After all no deals had been made, no transactions took place.  The Governor could say he was just joking around!  All those on the taped cannot be included in the wrong doing, why? If you are approaching the Governor with the idea of corruption aren’t you as guilty as he? Was it just the deal with the hospital, or the roads?  Or are they just embarrassed because of the scandalous hospital board? Edward Hospital and officials turned the state upside down when arrest of Levgine, and ties to Rezcko. Who by the way, is laying very low. Wow could not implicate the governor in that one, just keep plugging on!  Set some stuff up?? Possible.

All I know is that the greed, the money, and the power are ever showing its head here in Illinois as well as other states.

In the meantime, the senate seat in Illinois is kind of sort of filled! Impeachment proceedings can start as soon as next week!  I think if Burris fights the opposition to the seat, court proceedings could drag on for one year!

Illinois Supreme Court who is holding the Senate seat hostage? Who is playing games now?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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