Questionable buzz swirling around Caylee Anthony case

There is small noise coming out of the Anthony case of late.  Currently the funeral home that is holding the remains of Caylee still has possession of  her, and no second autopsy has been performed as of yet. It appeared that Baez and his team urgently wanted to do a second autopsy on the remains of Caylee. They immediately filed for the release in which to do the autopsy when the prosecution did theirs. And they were granted that right. But still no second autopsy has been performed. And George and Cindy Anthony will not have a funeral until it is done. So Caylee still lays in wait for proper and decent interment. You would think that Cindy and George would ask their lawyer  Brad Conway to find out what is going on so that they may lay to rest their only granddaughter. It seems a shame that this poor little girl cannot get any respect. To expedite the autopsy would only be the right thing to do, it would be the most respectful and decent thing to do! So what’s the wait?

Changing directions a bit, and on to the video tape of wooded area where Caylee had been located; apparently taped over!  What? Yup. That’s what has been said. Dominic Casey, private investigator and his  cronee, Hoover were out gum-shoeing by themselves so they say! Dom. Casey has been involved with the Anthony family in some way since about July 2008-October 2008(on payroll for the defense). So what gives? Did they actually know before everyone else?  The investigators state that they did not know anything before anyone else!

Leonard Padilla, along with any others believe that there must be some connection between Casey, the jail, and perhaps the investigators. Perhaps Baez?  It has been said that possible connection between the meter reader and defense team/and or Anthony’s? Perhaps a simple tip, or even if just a speculation why not tell the police? Could this bring us to Lee Anthony, who has secured himself a criminal defense attorney, and possible obstruction of justice charges? Lee has stated that he was doing his own P.I. work. and maybe he stumbled on the truth via Casey.

And finally, about two weeks ago I had heard a tidbit  of information regarding the One Tree Hill show.  It was mentioned by other bloggers, but I chose not to blog about it. It was mentioned on the Nancy Grace show just this evening. When the FBI was checking Casey’s computer, just coincidentally, google search revealed the 100th episode of One Tree Hill, the premise of the show was that the  nanny kidnapped the baby. Along with all of the other information that has showed up, ie. the neck breaking, household weapons, and chloroform searches.  Someone in that household was preparing to kill.  I believe it was Casey Anthony. How about you?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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