Roland Burris Turned Away

Today, with his lawyers at his side, Roland Burris went to Washington D.C. to attend his swearing in. As was predicted, Roland Burris was turned away. In a scene right out of a movie, paparazzi surrounded Burris, nearly tripping him as the smallish 71 year old pushed through the towering crowd around him.  The photographers and reporters tried to get some snippets of information and pictures. Amid the cold and rain, Roland Burris was then ushered to a podium containing TV/radio microphones.

Mr. Burris then stated that he would not make a scene, but contended to fight the fact that he was turned away and still remains unseated. Burris lawyer spoke briefly and said that he would keep the media “in the loop”, and let them know exactly what will happen in the case as soon as he could.

Mr. Burris says that he believes that he has been handled incorrectly, and that the rights of the Illinois public deserves better, and now goes without benefit of two Senators. A subsequent trial could take the next six months or more. It seems that the Democratic Party in Illinois is fractured.  Illinois the Land of honest Abe; has meant a lot to those who become aquainted with a public office and  now it  means that   public office has been shrowded in a cloud of black, and the memory of some will  live forever on the hearts and minds of those who count; the citizens of ILLinois.

We will watch as this case unfolds. And will blog with updated material when I read it.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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