Blagojevich Smarter Than You Think!

Blagojevich called the Democratic parties bluff!  Yes, he appointed Roland Burris. And he told everyone on the onset that he would not appoint the seat.

For his efforts the beleaguered Governor Blagojevich appears to be able to put another tally in his win column! He is smarter than the average bear, and has out-foxed them all!

Roland Burris; it looks like will be seated. Too bad for him, he missed all that fan-fair!  Burris has an outstanding record and is beyond reproach.  And in fairness to Burris alone, the Democrats are coming to the side of the 71 year old’s appointment.  Well being fair to Burris, is this fair to the citizens of Illinois?

We hope so; tough and hard-hitting Lisa Madigan came out and stated that  the Secretary of State does not need to sign off on the seat that this is nothing more than a rule; not law!    We will see what will happen in the nearest of futures as the new session is starting and newly sworn in senators will be present. So a trial can only begin after the fan-fair of the presidential inauguration!  That will be in late January at its soonest!

Impeachment for the governor should be done, before the inauguration! What’s your thoughts??


Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and only in conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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