Casey Anthony Court Update

Well, the ice princess just exited the courtroom!  Today Casey Anthony was ordered into the courtroom to face the judge to swear that she had waived her right to appear  before the court.

While Baez asked for a long list of motions,all in relation to the discovery of evidence held in the Casey Anthony case. There is a mountain of evidence in this case and Florida has a liberal discovery law. The 3.220 law sets forth that anything that is considered related to discovery can be obtained. The judge gave Baez what he asked for with stipulations on all things.  With the subject relating to Photos, x-rays, and other in relation to Caylee Anthony’s remains and the prosecution’s  fear of the copying, reproduction,and profit off of these items, and the chain of custody relating to them.  They all agreed to have a  web server to allow for the forensics to be viewed for out of town defense experts. I think that this is genre for hackers to invade and it may not be as secure as possible.

Now to Casey, as she sat in her chair she appeared to be nervous, as she sat motionless. Her eyes were darting around, and she was blinking constantly. At times she took deep inhalations, and gulped and licked her lips occasionally. She smiled when prosecutor made small joke. She did go on record in front of Judge Strickland to say she had waived her rights.  She did not stand as she held up her right hand to swear that she waived her rights to appear.  Finally at the end of the set of motions that Baez brought, she stood and was smiling to Jose Baez as she was lead away and out of the courtroom.  Overall, she looked well,as well in fact as when she went into prison.  I think that she looked extremely surprised when she was summoned today. I really think that she and her counsel have thought that they can get away with some things, due to the fact that this is such a high profile case.

I hope in the future whenever there is the trial, that Casey will again be surprised as the final verdict is read! I will hope that when that happens that she will show some true emotion!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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