Casey Anthony- They can tie you to it!

Well it’s almost written in stone now!   The forensics report coming from the Orange County Police force and courtesy of the Nancy Grace Show last night, the prosecutors office hired botanists and entomologists to aid in the solving of the crime scene evidence. They painstakingly reviewed the insect life as well as the vegetation life that was growing in and around and up through parts of the skeletal remains of Caylee.

Armed with that knowledge, the officers are able to then pinpoint exactly to the tee what day the little tot was “put” there. Also in the same effort, the hair that was discovered in the trunk of Casey’s car had decomposition on it. And they know now that through DNA, the connection to Caylee and then  to Casey has been made.  There now is proof positive along with the time-line of Casey’s whereabouts as well as the recounts of others that were with her or had talked to her on her or cell, as well as cell phone pings, place Casey at the scene of the crime.

The world knows now that Caylee drew her very last breath on 6/16/08, and then was placed in the wooded area very near the Anthony residence on 6/18/08. This means that Casey drove around for two complete days with the baby in the trunk!

I’m sure that when Casey looks back and reflects on all that she has done, I think she , even in her off-kilter way, will realize that she did not have to resort to this, she could have taken another road. Her thoughts were apparently so off-center that she chose this route just to be with a guy. What a terrible travesty! There is hurt everywhere.

In closing today, I just want to leave this with the thought that Caylee is resting softly with the angels, and hopefully like Cindy Anthony said once, perhaps Caylee will come back as an angel/protector for the next little child that may face this. And somehow rescue the little one from its fate.

The fate that is not even easy to say…dead at the hand of the one you trusted and loved…your mother.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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