Blagojevich Lawyers Quit!

Governor Blagojevgich’s lawyers have called the impeachment trial that looms before the Governor, a simple lynching!  His legal team announced on Friday that they will boycott the proceedings, lead by lawyer Edward Genson, and his team Sam Adam Jr. and his father Sam Adam, that will take place on January 26, 2009. The Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) said that the Governor can get another lawyer, if has not got one at the start of trial. He also stated that Blagojevich could even represent himself since he is also a lawyer.

Genson who recently argued that the Senate House rules render them ineffective as lawyers. They have no ability to call witnesses, they cannot know the identities of some of the “pay-to-play” parties involved. this making the lawyers unable to defend him at all! Adam Jr. and his father Sam Adam said that they could not represent without due process of the law and will not take part in a lynching!

Cullerton states that the rules mirror those rules that were used in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, and therefore he defends them. Cullerton stated that impeachments are rare and a conviction even rarer. The Senate House Impeachment Panel was stunned when they heard of the lawyers dropping out of the proceedings. The panel has a jury then of 59 Senators who will then judge Blagojevich’s fate; lawyer or no!

When, however, the criminal proceedings take place. Genson and the Adams duo will be back on track for the Governor’s solid defense.

From now on, all states in the union of these United States should be taking notes, they may never know when or where the next “political lynching” will happen. But it will be as it is here lead by one “surreal Senate”!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a comnversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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