Casey Anthony-Says She Is The Victim!

Those just recently released tapes that have never been seen before just showed a little more of the real Casey Anthony. Pulling a little puss face and pouting like a brat with her parents in August!

Poor, poor Casey she spent the whole day under her covers. Casey says she needs to be looked at as, as much of a victim as the rest of you! (Caylee isn’t ever mentioned at all as usual, except when she claims she just wants her home blah, blah, blah, blah…..same stuff; different day!)  These tapes once again show George and Cindy Anthony’s relationship together with Casey. It seems again that they are handling her with kid gloves afraid to get her mad- because after all she did threaten her mom that “I’m going to hang up and just leave!” As she gets mad at Cindy she also clenches her fist, because she did not like her mother’s line of questioning!

Casey continues on stating that no one is letting her speak. And that she is so frustrated with all of this- she can’t even swallow! She complains that police wouldn’t listen- she only had 24 hrs. before they put her in jail! She cannot do anything  from where’s she’s at! And everyone wants answers!

Meanwhile Jose Baez continues to amaze us all! It appears that an unknown person/or persons went to the prosecution with a complaint against Jose Baez. The rumor is that this complaintant is making known that Baez is possibly making some type of entertainment deal! This deal will also be contingent on what takes place in the trial!  This would be a complete conflict of interest- clearly! He will have violated ethical cannon!  Good work Baez- I knew you’d manage to mess this up!

In other news, it also appears that Baez will be asking for the change of venue! He has filed no papers as of yet. It has also been reported that Jose Baez will be picking a town that does not have respect for law enforcement or where its citizens do not trust law enforcement!

Good luck to you Mr.  Baez and your team, you may find a town to change the venue to but, I cannot believe that that a jury will not see your client as nothing more than a cold-hearted, psychopathic liar who isn’t worthy of anything less than the  death penalty!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


4 responses to “Casey Anthony-Says She Is The Victim!

  1. Hi Mary, Another good post. Yes poor poor Casey. She can’t swallow? Well poor Caylee cannot swallow either. She spent the day under the covers consoling herself because she has no one. Well Caylee had no one to console her and protect her from the monster that was supposed to above all else be the one to protect her. She was upset when she heard that her mom made chili and had people over. Well how upset do you think Caylee was that she couldn’t be at her birthday party Casey? She was three, they love birthday parties! Jose Baez isn’t even worth talking about. From the beginning he has been a weirdo and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, this case just gets weirder by the day. I would love to know when that baby is going to be buried because they seem to have forgotten that she is in a funeral home waiting for someone to lay her to rest…

  2. halfpint4592, Listening to those “lost” tapes made me even angerier with Casey. It’s incredible that she “lived” her lie/and is still living her lie and her parents were so afraid of her. At this point the parents can keep up a front for the cameras, but I feel that they believe now in their hearts that she did this! Baez is a loser and hope that he gets kicked off the case, but then that will just further delay the trial as they search for another! Poor dear Caylee I hope that soon she will have but just one day for her own. One filled with dignity and love for the little lost angel!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  3. Absolutely! I just had a poster who wrote to me to remind me that she is innocent until proven guilty and that it is the media who is making her look guilty…. Nah, I decided that on my own

  4. halfpint42592, We are in good company, several of the best legal minds have said all of the evidence thus far has pointed to none other than Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony. I pray that the outcome will be the one we all know that she deserves!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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