Caylee Anthony New Evidence

It appears that there may be some new evidence in the Caylee Anthony case.  As was reported yesterday on Nancy Graceand on local news, the latest reveal in the long line of evidentury things against Casey Anthony is  probably one of the most horrible yet! Remember the duct tape that was placed around the skull of little Caylee Anthony? Well, now it appears whomever wrapped that tape around Caylee is also responsible for placing a heart sticker where her mouth is located on top of the tape! This is an obvious notion that this person has some sort of relationship with the child.  Forensic crime technicians found the “gum” residue in the  heart shape on the duct tape. There was a sticker found along with the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony.

Other reports of the evidence nature was also reported: Caylee was placed in a” laundry hamper” type bag, and then placed into a large garbage bag. Inside the “hamper” with the body was left a pair of shorts, a striped shirt, and Whinnie the Pooh brand blanket, and a toy horse. Fortunately these things will most likely trace back into the Anthony home where Caylee and Casey lived with her parents George and Cindy Anthony.

I have hoped as I said many times that all of this evidence presented will tie Casey to the actual crime. I have hoped there would be a fingerprint or some type of DNA so that there is no way Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez could possibly refute the findings. Or create at least a small window of doubt where a juror could say…well maybe….

In other news, Jose Baez had a small press conference where he stated that a charge has been leveraged against him regarding another case or at least not this one. He went on to say that he is refuting these charges that have been brought against him. No other information is available about the rumored entertainment deal he may have in the offing of the Casey Anthony trial. I am sure that this will be addressed shortly, and before any trial was to start. Interesting to say the least…..

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Caylee Anthony New Evidence

  1. I posted some body lauguage signs last night….. you should read them and rewatch Baez’s cameo after the depo yesterday…..
    you will laugh….

    head tilting with downcast eyes
    hands in pockets
    hmmm’s and ahhhh’s
    not making eye contact
    and his voice was sooo deflated when he first came out….. almost like someone pooped in his wheaties…..

  2. Hey Sterling1462-Thanks for stopping by! It is really funny how one could write about something that is nearly close to being a year ago and have the same things happen again!(history repeats itself) I am thankful for the recent movements in the case, that means things are under way! About time. I will come by and check out your post on Baez-Body language reveals quite a bit & one would think Baez would catch himself.
    Alot of what I think the “smoking gun(s) have been let out ie: syringe w/chloroform present, hopefully fingerprint. The doll pics, and clothing pics were eerie and I was even more saddened after seeing them.

    I hope that Casey gets stuck starring at them the whole time she is in the court room.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.
    Mary Caliendo

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