Chicago Cubs Deal- All In The Family!

Well here’s one Cub fan that is breathing a sigh of relief!  I bleed blue through and through, and can take somewhat of a breather as Mr. Tom Ricketts took the bid as the favored bidder from the Tribune Company. Mr. Ricketts bid the small sum of $900 million for the team!

Wow! He and his family built their empire in, of all places, Omaha Neb.! They amassed a fortune by having a discount brokerage firm. At this point Mr. Ricketts and his firm must still get the a-okay from the baseball owners and of course, they need to secure the financing in the absolute worse money market of all time.  With my fan fingers crossed; I’m hoping that the deal goes through. Why?  Ultimately because he is a fan first!  He’s actually a Cub fan and lived for some time across the street from the famous ballpark; Wrigley Field! And cites his many ventures out in the bleechers; where the utmost hard-core fan (and the drunkest)prefers to sit! It was rumored that he may have proposed  to his wife there too!  Fabulous! What more could a true Cub fan want?

Of course  a cub fan wants a ticket to the ship!  We don’t want to, but our beloved Cub team needs to go to the World Series and continue to build on a tradition of team players that have the same desire. Hopefully, by opening day of this new year of baseball play, the team will have a new owner and the new baseball team will sieze the coveted title of the best !

Good Luck Mr. Ricketts, good luck Cubs and good luck fans this year could be the year!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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