Travolta Family Being Extorted in Bahamas!

Police and investigators have confirmed that two men and a possible third have been questioned and taken into custody over a charge that they are trying to extort John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston! It was reported that a contact was made from the two in the Bahamas to John Travolta, where John contacted his lawyers and they flew over to the Bahamas that day.

John Travolta and lawyer team filed an official complaint against a Senator, and the ambulance driver that tried to revive Jett and took him to the hospital. It appears that this extortion attempt was over a photo that was taken as Jett lay dying! The two were asking for the sum of twenty million!

When the pair were questioned, they are now saying that it is not about a picture. They are contending that the extortion is over the circumstances of Jett’s death.

At this time, the Travolta family is trying to heal; Jett passed away on January 2, 2009 and now with this attempt to extort the family is just something out of a pure nightmare! This is not only a strange case, but is a criminal one. I hope that these two will get full extent of the law!

It seems like the Bahamas may have beautiful landscapes and beaches to die for, however, the people there appear to be under their own self-imposed law. Or is that fact that these people in general become greedy? I am not sure what motivated these two (and a possible third), but it is sincerely awful!

Lets pray that the Travolta/Preston family will continue to heal and have peace. Their son Jett was much beloved and their hearts will always be heavy.

My personal thoughts and prayers are with them.

Just my thoughts,just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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