The Dolls in the White House

     The new and very limited edition of the “Sweet Sasha” and “Marvelous Malia”  dolls marketed by Ty the Beanie Baby maker  is at question today.

Fact that first lady is trying to protect her children, and not have them used as a marketing tool. Agreed yes. However, the bronze skinned dolls dressed in really cute up-to-date fashions are only 12″ high but could make a much larger impact on girls of color being recognized.  Having a doll of their own and having something to look up to. And if not only that they would have a new choice in dolls that a parent could feel good about buying and at an affordable rate, and finally a collectible doll; one that could possibly accrue in value, who doesn’t want that?

After all there are Obama paperweights, plates, flags, t-shirts, and on and on. Everyone is on the Obama bandwagon, and why not a company tribute to the new president and his family? Several large major brand names adopting the campaign symbol. This after all has sparked creativity that this country has not seen in a long time.

Ty spokesperson said in an interview, it is not the Obama girls. That the company based in OakBrook Illinois (Obama home state),stated that they just loved the names. Whatever their reason, it is a doll that does show girls in a good light.

And I think that the marketing tool should be to continue to show girls in a good light, whatever their skin color, or hair-do. With the Ty dolls being marketed in a very limited edition they will run out soon. And then this issue will be mute again.

Hopefully First Lady Obama will get passed this and recognize that copying something (as many have done her clothes), is a sincere form of flattery.

After all, when first I saw those two,  Sasha, and Malia the first thing that I said was: “Gosh those girls are such dolls!” And now we truly have dolls in the White House!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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