No Jailhouse-Family Funeral for Caylee !

Orange County officials have said yesterday, that in no way will Casey Anthony ever be treated any differently than any other inmate there has been or ever will be.  Therefore, no jailhouse funeral or face-to-face meet with her family. Although the Orange County officials also stated that no one from the Casey Anthony family or the Baez camp had contacted anyone over this matter. They chalk this up to rumors.

In other news Jose Baez has filed more motions. This time it is for all of the fingerprint evidence that he can get his hands on. It was brought up that he may submit another motion to subpoena the records and fingerprint evidence to all the volunteers that were involved in the Equuisearch Team efforts. This is a terrible thing to do, if he does actually request this as a motion from the court. This would take an awful amount of man hours to obtain that amount of evidence. And Mr. Tim Miller also thinks that if this type of thing does happen he is afraid that the people will not come out to volunteer for them anymore. It would be a travesty!  Mr. Miller should charge Baez for the cost it will incur; if this does happen.

Other news, it appears that George Anthony is doing much better, but at this time was not yet released for the custody of the hospital after his attempt at suicide. You have really got to feel for these people. To feel so distraught, that you can see only one way out and that is to kill yourself!  I am  sad for these people and what in the upcoming months they will all be going through! 

And finally notes from all over the rumor mill……Lee is the next one charged, this has been rumored for some time now. We will wait and see what will happen with this. Second, supposedly Cindy Anthony was out shopping for jewelry to put on Caylee for a funeral, nothing else had ever been said on this, it was mentioned!……. The Caylee sunshine doll can still be bought on-line by that shciester! Please do not buy this doll, no missing child organization would support this man’s efforts to line his own pockets. He states that this is a tribute doll to her loss- this is such poor taste!……Casey Anthony alledgedly wiped herself and then stuffed the toilet in her cell with her bible!  Let’s just hope that, that is not true!  If this is, Casey has nothing else left….Sh*tting on the pages of the Lord is the last straw! And that would not be in my eyes, that would be in the eyes of her maker. What else can be said about that?

This is such a sad case and it continues to get even sadder as time goes on. And only time will tell when this poor, tiny angel baby will get but just one day of grace and dignity!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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