Ms Raines says Good-bye to Drew Peterson!

Christina did the right thing! She packed it in! She took her belongings and left! The morning after Ms Raines saw the interview with Nightlines’ Martin Bashir where a smug Drew Peterson said he liked to be flattered as all the other women approached him for pictures and autographs! Mr. Raines is very happy as he feels that his daughter is finally safe! All the women in the world are happy that she has come to this decision! However, she still might not be safe from a man like Peterson who has now been scorned!  And scorned in public yet!

Drew Peterson seemed almost flippent in his recent Nightline interview, and I am glad that the girl has seen the error of her ways.  In one writers’ opinion, she’s so young with so much more life to live than to waste it all away with a 55 year old man, with very mysterious pasts.

He discussed the relationships that he had and the extra marital affairs as well, with Mr. Bashir and many pictures of him have surfaced on the internet. Ms Raines returned the engagement ring and was escorted off of his property with her father and the Bolingbrook Police as well as a CBS camera man.

Drew Peterson is quoted as saying “Isn’t it hilarious that the citizens of this country are more interested in my love life than the impeachment of the governor?” I think you have that wrong, at this point I don’t think that Blagojevich ever killed anyone!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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