Michael Phelps Bad Judgement

Michael Phelps is caught mouth full-on sucking on a bong! He was visiting a party held at a house at the University of South Carolina, where the picture of Michael Phelps was taken. It was taken on a cell phone. Michael Phelps let his guard down! He became a human being!

Michael Phelps is not a robot, but his rigorous training for the Olympics and other in the quest for swimming medals, titles, and college events shows the incredible amount of discipline that he has!  Most people no matter what may never have been able to keep his schedule much less actually go out and perform to the level that he has. Now  at the age of twenty three, he is sitting on the highest rung of the swimming ladder, and perhaps no stopping him, maybe we will see him again in the next Olympics?

So at this point we must all remember that he is human and not a robot. He is off and hanging with friends just like any other young adult does. Many kids have fallen far below the expectations of their parents, coaches, and friends. We don’t disown them, we try to help them. We assist them in making better decisions. But Michael Phelps has many other people who are eyeing his behavior. Endorsements, the Olympic committee, and of course us, the media!

We know that the party that he had attended on the fateful November 6th is a normal party for that scene; in other words this is not out of the ordinary. He was taking part in so called “rites of passage” , “getting high in the college scene” is well, normal. There are drinking parties that go on for days even!  But Michael Phelps is just a normal twenty three year old, it’s just that everyone has elevated him so far up on a pedestal, that even if he falls just a little the backlash is incredible. I do feel sorry for Michael Phelps for many things and one of them is that because he has an extraordinary talent, he can’t even be real! It’s a shame. I hope that for Michael Phelps, he will not lose an endorsement deal over this!  Shame on his friend for even taking the picture; you should just be honored that you travel in a group that hangs out or even knows  Micheal Phelps!

Micheal Phelps did issue a statement saying that he did engage in that behavior and that he does regret it. He also promised that he will never do it again!  Even though he did get busted at the age of nineteen driving drunk; it was let go and again I must day at the age of nineteen he was just a kid and kids do lots of stupid things. He is an adult now and we have to trust his word, because truly he is an overwhelming role model to not just kids that swim, but kids and adults that understand hard work ethic and pay off to be at the top of your game.

I say keep on swimming Michael Phelps and if you do lose an endorsement deal over this picture, I think you should sue the kid that took the picture!  After all Barack inhaled admittedly and look where he is at!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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