Christian Bale and His Meltdown!

It’s been everywhere; his  three and one-half minute yelling, screaming, profanity laced full rant!  Christian Bale sounded just awful as the recorded session that was taped last year during the making of the movie Terminator Salvation, was/and has been playing everywhere!  For the TV, to the radio, to the Internet, Christian is getting more coverage than ever!  It’s too bad it’s not about something he did well, or were nice about. 

At this point and at this date, Christian has not released any comment. Many are coming to the defense of the actor. They are saying it’s so hard for actors to “get into character”, that interruptions, even very little interruption cause the actors to come out of character thus spoiling the scene!  What!  I could not do this to my boss on a workroom floor. I want to get into my job and am interrupted constantly!

I cannot justify that  as a reason to go ballistic on anyone!  To me this is nothing more that an angry display, and one that intense should not be excused lightly.  I personally have always liked Christian Bale, but now I may think of him often as the guy that is the loose cannon. The guy that goes off in a split second!  And it may resonate with some people that they may skip going to a movie to see Christian. Actors are dramatic, but to have such rage over an assistant director just walking over to a set of lights is beyond the norm. I think Christian should look into anger management, take it, pass it, and also issue some type of apology to that man. No apology to me or to you, but the assistant director needs the apology. To stand before someone and be screamed at, demeaned,and belittled in front of everyone on that stage would have been horrible. But in the end, as you can see, this many months removed; only makes Christian look immature, and disgusting.

We all know we all have emotion and stars are no different they are people too. But I think that a regular joe would’ve apologized by this point. Lets hope that Christian Bale will do the right thing and issue a statement, and make sure he apologizes to the man that was on the receiving end of that rant!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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