Memorial for Caylee Anthony/Baez Sells Pics!

It was released yesterday that a memorial has been announced for little Caylee Anthony, finally!  Although no funeral has been planned that we are all aware of. 

The memorial will take place on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. It will be held at The First Baptist Church of Orlando. This church can seat 5,000 persons.  And it was specified that the family of Caylee (meaning George and Cindy Anthony and Lee, I assume),the  public has been invited to attend services. The family has requested to have the ability to remove anyone that they see fit. No cameras,cell phones, video cameras, or anything that can record or take pictures will be allowed.

While Caylee’s mother Casey is in prison, she is released for at least one hour per day. This one hour will consist of reading books, watching TV, and relaxing out of her cell. Casey may be able to watch the memorial service on TV. She will not be released to come to the memorial. Her time out of her cell could or could not coincide with the time of the memorial on TV. We will see what will happen then.

Cindy Anthony has picked music and flowers for the memorial service. And it appears that police and church security staff are working together to have a safe, and secure service. Each person will be checked, there will be no bags allowed inside, no cell phones, no cameras, and no video allowed.  It is said that each person will also pass through a metal detector. At this writing it cannot be verified if the metal detectors are being installed or if they are already there.

George Anthony got out of the Halifax hospital using side doors to evade the media.  Cindy and Lee have not been heard from in the mean time. There also has been no word as to when they will finally lay this little girl to rest in a proper burial.

In other important news Jose Baez  put in a motion for a change of venue. He says that he and his client cannot/and would not get a fair trial. He knows that there is too much heat in Orlando. He is asking for the change in venue to be secret so that the media cannot get a hold of the details and create a circus atmosphere.  In other news the tacky Beaz team has already sold pictures and video of Caylee for the money to conduct her trial!They garnered the sum of $200,000!  Jose Baez claims that his client is doing what she can to pay for his representation. Including the selling of more pictures to come. Jose Baez claims he has not attached a price tag to them, he is asking what will a company pay for them, and whatever media is buying them will be who sets the price.

Whatever may transpire, it is all so sad and very shameful that this event is happening. I feel sorry for all those that knew Caylee, Casey and the Anthony family. Casey’s actions have set off a chain of events that I am not sure she even thought could happen. It is all so sad.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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