Drew on local Channel 2 Interview!

Well, yet another interview with a TV news station. Drew TV is on in our area and he’s hoping that it is not only watched but helps to sway your opinion of him!

Here’s a few notes that I gathered from the interview that I thought were interesting! On the subject of Christina Raines, Drew Peterson claims that he did not ask her to marry that she did the asking and she did it about 5 or 6 times! He went to a costume jewelry drawer and on the bottom of that drawer he found a ring and gave it to  her! He felt they were very much engaged!  And even spent $2000. to accommodate her children. He bought them new beds and that. 

Drew Peterson knew Ernie Raines and Christina for about 9 years now. Peterson claims that he would counsel Christina when she was just 15 years old and was in fights and alot of trouble! She is twenty four now and he claims he rescued her out of a dangerous living situation with her ex-boyfriend. He invited her into a loving home where she and her kids were treated better than they ever had been. He said the prior boyfriend was abusive and cited examples, he claims he is a good man and good father. He claims before Christina lived with him she lived on cigarettes,beer,chocolate,diet coke. He supplied her with vitamins even! He claims he would give anyone the shirt off his back! Isn’t he nice?

He claims he has had conversation with his other children and that they are all aware of what is going on. Psych visits his children, and they are getting regular attention. The team that visits he says calls him a co-dependant personality. Peterson says he has the need  and desires to always help someone. Joel Brodsky defense team has advised him to be in the media to enhance his image. But did advise him not to become engaged with Christina Raines. Whose father is Ernie Raines and he has come out and said to the effect that They have beat the devil!  He claims that if the devil is good, then he is the devil!

He claims he is taking life as it comes to him. He thinks that many innocent people go to jail. He believes that 40% of the population believes he is innocent. He thinks that Stacy is disrespectful for taking off with another man and abandoning his children. He is still very angry with Stacy he says. That one day he feels that she will walk through the door, he will be vindicated and then all of society can kiss his butt! He cannot help it if he attracts young women, he does not trap them- they just find him a handsome guy!  He claims to have the gift of gab and a great personality!   Wow!  It’s almost too much to take! All these good things coming out about him!  All claims made by only himself?

He truly believes that he is all that and then some! There is so much more I could say but the most important one is God I wish he’d  get over himself. Sooner or later Drew Peterson will be exactly where he should be. On the inside looking out! I hope his personality and his gift of gab will be very useful then! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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