Peanut Corp. of America Pleads 5th!

Peanut Corp. of America’s owner is Stewart Parnell. He faced a congressional hearing. In this congressional hearing Parnell would not answer the questions put to him; he continually invoked his right to plead the 5th Amendment. His plant and processing center is blamed for the salmonella outbreak that currently has confirmed that nine people died as a direct result of consuming tainted peanut butter. It has also been linked to some 600 illnesses.

This is a travesty! It is said that Parnell had been told by plant workers in June that nuts had been testing positive for salmonella bacteria! It is said that Parnell e-mailed back the employee and said something to the effect of ‘ I go through this once a week and I will hold my breath again.” And then again in October an e-mail showed Parnell had a focus on profits vs. safety. Even though he was fully aware that 441 cases of granules had been shipped out that had positive tests for salmonella!

Families of the victims showed up on Capitol Hill to continue to fight and state their outrage. Many were visibly shaken and very angry and emotional. One family member of a victim claimed that he would like the people involved to serve jail time.

The testing lab that uncovered the positive salmonella tests were shocked when they heard that tainted peanut butter was sent out for use. They felt they had never heard of anyone totally disregarding their test results!

I too feel that they should be given jail time from the top down. Starting with Parnell, since there is hard evidence that he did correspond with e-mail and all can see that he is fully aware, should get the hardest sentence!  He should not be treated nicely. He should be treated as if he directly killed those eight victims. He has blood on his hands and needs to have the harshest sentence that the system should give.  For the guy/gal who corresponded with Parnell on that e-mail, he should go next as he/she had the power to stop that tainted peanut butter from going out!  He could’ve shut down that whole line. But he/she did not!  He should be held as an accessory to the crime. What could’ve been the outcome- lost profits and perhaps his job! He would’ve been a hero and perhaps taken Parnell down-because it is obvious to me that he has ordered tainted peanut product out before!

This has been one of the largest recalls ever. More than 1,800 products have been removed from store shelves.

Today we live in an age that this kind of thing should not be able to happen. With all the things available and the proper testing done, an indecent human being overrode the call to duty and became greedy. He allowed people to die, and some the most venerable: children and the elderly!

Forgiveness for you Stewart Parnell and your cohorts is not now in your cards! Shame on you for being the most despicable person in recent history.  I hope you get roasted or toasted like the nuts you prepare!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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