Peterson/Raines on TV Again!

Oh Yikes……..Drew said she’d be back; rest assured that was part of the plan too!  Trying to create more demand for his story and to further humanize him is his gal pal Christina (loser) Raines; well she moved back into creepy Drew Peterson’s home!

All I can say is those poor, poor kids! Wow if anyone will need major counseling they all will!

Seriously folks we need to complain to the media because the Today Show and its, not thinking too clearly, producers who continually book the slime ball on their show!  I mean what is it with them anyway, are they obsessed with him? Do they honestly think that they are garnering new watchers?  If anything I had heard that people are turning away from the show because the Drew Peterson stories.

Their latest interview shows Peterson “cuddling” with Christina Raines. While she was getting cozy with Drew Peterson, Ms Raines claimed that he is so nice and that he would not hurt me, and that she finds Peterson caring and funny! She does not know how silly she looked on that show as she sat on a sofa while Peterson chuckles and snickered with a face full of ….I told you so…..I am a young girl chick magnet!   Oh goodness Ms Raines you are not headed in the right direction!   He’ll jump ship right away if something else even better looking than you comes his way!

Someone needs to tell Raines that even if Drew Peterson does get a booking for a reality show, she won’t be famous. No one, not one person thinks that you are in a serious relationship, you are both losers trying to get your 15 minutes of fame!  Fame Ms Raines is very fleeting!  And fame with Drew Peterson  would be nothing anyone should be proud of! Ms Raines’  poor father has tried in vain to get her away from what he called the devil! Too bad for you…she’s hoping that if you can’t beat him, you’ll join him….and I guess if the book and reality show comes out I’m sure you’ll get your hush money…after all Mr. Ernie Raines everyone has their price right? And perhaps they found yours!  Christina has sold her soul to the devil, why not you too!  Shame, Shame on you all!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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