A-Rod gave a press conference today at Spring training. He said he made a stupid mistake and he wants to get on with things. He admitted that for a time in 2003 he took banned substances with his cousin.  He took what he called as Bolla and he did not even think he did it right. He got only an energy boost from this.  A-Rod states that he has had a tough year this year. He had a divorce and the the tabloid papers had been exceptionally rough on him. He had been linked to singer Madonna for some time. Once he was labled a liar and now he’s just very remorseful.

A-Rod states that he wants to just get on with things, and that he knows that he has got earn back trust in the way fans feel about him, and earn the trust of all of his teammates. H claims that he hopes after  some time has gone by his team mates and fans will see that he has a lot of baseball left to play in him.

Well I hope that he is right. But one thing is for sure, A-Rod cheapened baseball by yet one more notch for all of us hardcore fans. Once again baseball is labeled with having cheaters for players and managers for co-dpendants and owners for turning the other cheek. As the reins get tighter, and more and more come out of the woodwork, who knows ?If we have to accept what A-Rod says as the final word,I guess we will all accept most anything. Let’s face it, everyone has a liking for A-Rod period. He’s so likable, we feel bad for him!  T he sport press  loves him too.  Lets hope that the next month or so will go well and Baseball will have an unstained opening day. And hopefully all of us true baseball fans will be able to enjoy a great season of “real” baseball.


Forget those balloon arm muscles, inflated egos, and unbelievable home run stats. Let’s play ball without the messy garbage!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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