Casey Anthony Evidence Matches!

The Orange County States Attorney let out damning evidence that links the crime scene directly to the Anthony home and the crime scene!

The same kind of duct tape on gas can that was on Caylee, the sticker(and gum residue) that was on the duct tape was found in the Anthony home. The sticker sheet  that was found was an identical match with stickers missing out of it! Also and very mind boggling was the entry in Casey’s diary that states she is the happiest she has been in a long time, and she hopes that her happiness lasts! Among other things written one month to the day that Caylee was reported missing! It shows the state of mind of Casey!  In this diary she does not ever mention Caylee, it is all about herself as she refers to herself (I) throughout the diary. And finally the garbage bag that contained the body of Caylee was also found in the Anthony home.

It looks that this is even more evidence that Jose Baez will not be able to refute!  Finally evidence that directly can tie Casey to the crime scene itself!  Jose Baez cannot say he cannot trust the FBI lab anymore. It would not be responsible as a lawyer. He needs to present a case in which he can plead for her life instead.

In a cold and callous way the mother destroyed the life of her only child, and then her next step was to get rid of her and that she did! It appears she stuck her in the trunk, and drove and drove. Spotting Zenaida Gonzalez’s name and began to construct her plan. And continuing in her cold and callous way she finally “dropped” her precious cargo near the only place she knew-her home! And then with her head held high she continued to be cold and callous while the baby laid out in a grassy lot slowly decomposing, how could she had been so cold and nasty?  Why would she take this route, so many other options were open to her.   I pray for the soul of Casey, the ice princess, as the satanic reaper carts her to the darkest place known to exist. And then my prayers and thoughts turn to the angel gone way too soon, and I pray she did not hurt. I pray that she just slept peacefully. Bless the family of Casey they could not have ever known!  It is not your fault that the child went wayward!  I pray for peace as your fingerprints have exonerated you all.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


4 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Evidence Matches!”

  1. I just don’t understand how a mother could do this to her child. I feel so bad for her family and thank God, their names are finally cleared. I too pray that baby Caylee did not suffer.

  2. deb05, I do not know how a mother could do this either. Casey has become so far detatched from the baby; a state that we can only imagine or read about. The child had her heart at one time, it could be seen in pictures. But to kill; that is so rash, and Casey has changed and destroyed the lives of all who did love her before this. They are victimized over and over. I pray the trial is swift, and no cameras inside.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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