Sophia Loren Looking Great!

Some will say that this past Oscar Show was boring. Although most people would say that Hugh Jackman was great in his role as host of the Oscars. He really was good in the singing and dancing areas, but all of the jokes were pretty weak. Most people would agree that since the majority of the Oscar shows were hosted by those in  the comedy genre. Take for instance those done by Billy Crystal, how about Whoopi,or Ellen, or even David Letterman?  It was somewhat refreshing when Steve Martin and Tina Fey stepped on stage!  They were getting laughs without even saying a word! But they were cute together and wish they could’ve stayed and finished out the rest of the show. Hugh Jackman was very easy on the eye, and definitely belongs on the stage. He is a natural. But I think people wanted more comedy.

It was great the way the writers put together legends in acting that spanned many years and in all different types of movies to present the awards to the new Oscar winners!  Did it however really need to be a secret? Probably not, but it made people want to watch just a bit more perhaps.

For the gowns that the designers made and the stars wore, Only a few were really that pretty. Stars often look stunning with all the hair,make-up, gowns, perfect undergarments to complete the whole picture. It seemed the stars that were singled out already by the magazines and  reporters were truly the ones who did look great.

I thought that one woman in particular looked extremely beautiful and that was Sophia Loren. A woman of 75  she still looked stunning! Still a little tiny bit of youthfulness shined through. Always known for her sex appeal, Her words seemed aged when she spoke, but she looked as beautiful as she could. Her gown was pretty and appropriate for her. She continues to have a regality as she stood there amongst Hollywood’s best and most famed, to present her best wishes for the nominee.

Thank you Oscar Academy for tyring to make an ever boring award show better, keep trying one of these years it may be great!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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