Oprah Visits Walter Reed Hospital

Earlier today I watched  the Oprah Winfreyshow, and was completely touched. Oprah was also completely touched as she broke into tears in the end!  As Oprah held up her arms in a small prayer  if you will, she said to the effect, We lift you up. Kudos to you Oprah and your staff for a very loving and touching show!

As we were taken into the hospital we saw strong, brave and even very young wounded men and women. My heart was heavy as Oprah went around and shook hands of each patient that was there as the therapy sessions were going on. Physical therapy for those who have lost limbs; one who only stood for the first time as the show was being taped!  Each were asked how they felt, and would they go back. Each who had served and each who had lost limbs all said they would go back in a heart beat!

It showed me strength beyond physical, it meant strength in God, themselves, and their families. It showed me bravery beyond just fighting behind a gun. Her show has opened my eyes and I, as Oprah did, want to say Thank You too! 

Thank you to all those men and women who have given so very much. Thank you to all of those who have fought for our freedom. Thank you to those of you men and women in Iran and Afghanistan, for you will help my children and my grandchildren to live in a free country.

Everything that these men and women have done for all of us is so special. We all should be thanking them if we can. Go to www.oprah.com and post a thank you or see if there is something you can do.

And finally thank you Oprah for doing the show, it was an important show and lets hope that even if for one minute you had taken their pain away. You have made it better because you care. Thank you.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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