Norm Van Lier/John “Red” Kerr Deaths!

Chicago Bulls lose two game greats!   Not one ,but two of the game of basketballs’ greats are gone!  Just like that, just one month past, the Chicago Bulls organization had a wonderful honor ceremony to Johnny “Red” Kerr. He sat in theChicago  Stadium,wheelchair bound,  while the fans on their feet, listened to Michael Jordon pay homage to him. Screaming and yelling nonstop for minutes as Michael Jordon paid a great tribute to a man who for Michael became friend. Who can forget those nights when Jordon would rosin up his hands and then go over to the broadcast table and “clap” his hands in “Red’s” face? These are memories made for a man who had done it all. He played, he coached,and he broadcast it for all the world to hear. John “Red” Kerr loved the game of basketball!  And he loved his Chicago Bulls!  No matter how up the team was, he’d find some little thing that the team could improve on, and when the ship was sinking and at it’s low, he would find some good and point it out! He was bigger than life and the game was improved by him, and he is loved here in Chicago. In the end prostate cancer got him, but he fought it hard.

He will be sorely missed!  And only just hours before “Red’s” death, Chicago lost ‘Stormin’ Norman!  Norm Van Lier another of the Chicago Bulls icons had past! Norm got his nickname because like a storm he came in the game and gave it all hustle! He was competitive. He loved the game and he loved the Chicago Bulls and spent the majority of his playing career with the Bulls. He missed his endearing team so much that he did return to be a broadcaster. Still tall and ominous, he ventured out to watch other Chicago sports teams and was happy to give autographs and handshakes wherever he would go. This man “had game”! He never backed down, he moved it and created the plays. He wasn’t Michael Jordon, but when he was out there Norm had a major presence, like a king in his court. He held fast and was a  tough cookie. He had the back of the rest of his team. He had a great work ethic.  He came back into the game as a Comcast Sportnet commentator. He had a very colorful way of speaking. He spoke his mind and it was refreshing (and funny)!

So the two much beloved figures in Chicago Bulls history, go down in history together! They both were tough and had the game face on for every minute in a day. They were scrappers and fighters and heroes in this town, Chicago misses them both already!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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