Pat Quinn, Please Make Up Your Mind!

I thought I had a small understanding of politics in general. However, but living here in Illinois especially this year, has been a great roller coaster ride; if you like those. Politics around here is quite unusual, taking the now newly appointed Governor Pat Quinn for instance, with each new day he appears to  change his position on Roland Burris. Just this past week Pat Quinn was calling on Rolland Burris to step down for the betterment of the State of Illinois. And now just yesterday, he is interviewed saying that if Rolland Burris will not step down, we will all have to get on with this, and move ahead!

So what is it exactly, if he won’t step down then ok, whatever !  So okay it’s just business as usual. Now Pat Quinn is calling for a special election for this senate seat. Isn’t that what was suggested at the very beginning?  When all who came to the podium to speak in those bleak days after Governor Blgojevich had been arrested, many things were suggested but the idea of special election was deemed way too costly as an alternative. So nothing was pursued by those who needed to pursue that avenue.

One can see that here in the state of Illinois, many things that have happened here have not happened anywhere else, and setting many a precedence.

There is only seven months to go until a regular election will need to take place. At that time the election will be newsworthy. But at this point in time, Pat Quinn and those in the Quinn camp need to just let Burris serve out the rest of the existing time left in the office. Perhaps if Illinois would stop putting themselves out there in the news and concentrate on doing only their own jobs and serving the citizens of Illinois, many of the problems can and most likely will quietly go away. I think that perhaps that is the best way to serve the citizens of  Illinois; serve!

After all, with what is looming on the horizon with the criminal prosecution of the fallen governor Blagojevich, and getting ready to brace ourselves for the release of the book about the inside and the dark side of politics that Blagojevich will pen. This will all be extremely interesting, hurtful, and yet another roller coaster ride! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions,and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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