Chris Brown Charged With Felonies!

Chris Brown went to court on Thursday and although his appearance before the judge was brief, the charges may very well last this young singer his entire life. The Police have stated that this was a “brutal argument” against the young and beautiful singer Rihanna.

It appears that an aargument ensued after singer Rihanna intercepted a text message that was on Chris Brown’s phone from another woman. The 19 year old singer remains free on bond that totaled $50,000. bail. His arraignment is postponed until April 6th. He was admonished by the court and told he is not to harass,harm, or threaten anyone. The court commission did not mention Rihanna by name  in the admonishment,nor was there a direct order or protection placed on him.

His charges were listed in an affidavit as follows: punching Rihanna, the biting of her ear, and choking her until she nearly lost consciousness. That is pretty tough stuff to beat. He did all of this within view of several bystanders on that street that evening. It is an assumption that the witnesses will and/or have given statements. The two also did not appear on the award show that each were presenting/performing.

Chris Brown brought his mother and several other family members who sat in the front row during the court appearance. He claimed in the past that his step dad beat his mother. And that as a child he witnessed that behavior against his mother. At this point the stepfather has denied that, and his mother had made no admissions to that fact.

This case is not just about Domestic Violence, it is also much about getting everything too much and too fast!  Barely out of childhood these two have everything and are acting like spoiled children, just on the major stage of life!  There is no word just rumors about how the two will continue to get along. Will they reconcile? Is she preggy with his baby? Another rumor. Weather Rihanna  will testify against Chris Brown is also just rumor; it is not known. And finally weather it is fact or not that the two were brought to hallowed ground by way of Sean P. Diddy Combs is also just a rumor.

When all the dust settles down and with all of these charges he could wind up in jail. It is a shame that with all that money and a very prosperous future that this young man did not seek the help that he needed if he needed it!

I’m not so sure about this but I do not think Diddy has a psych degree, but he sure could’ve provided these two with a nice one! Let’s hope Diddy played Daddy at the right time!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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