Oprah Speaks Out To Rihanna!

Oprah has my respect! I hope she has yours, because she is a well-rounded person with well-grounded thoughts!   She is after all human just like you and I. The only difference between Oprah and all of us (beside the money) is that she has a show. A show that she can speak out on.

And she has once again spoken out. I am glad she has, when most people are whispering or writing stories on rumors Oprah has said what was on her mind. She dedicated a few minutes talking directly to her audience and Rihanna. She told her crowd and all of the TV viewers that quite simply:”Love does not hurt!” and to Rihanna “If he hit you once he will hit you again”!

This is a trail that most abusers walk. It is the path to I’m sorry I love you today and tonight or tomarrow I will kick your A$$! And then the abuser and those being abused will get into a cycle that will continue until one person gets hurt so bad that a hospital visit is necessary or death occurs! It is not a joke and it is okay to get out and leave. It is not okay to date someone who will bite you, choke you until you start to lose consciousness, or punch you. It is not okay to be raped even by a husband!

If you are in an abusive situation, please take the time to devise a plan of exit, and once that plan is in effect, please just leave do not look back. Life is better somewhere else! And listen to Oprah loud and clear, Love should not hurt you; if it is most likely you are being abused.

Oprah has stuck her neck out and has taken a stance. Rihanna I hope you were watching the show and if not I hope you will find it on the Internet, because Oprah has been there and she is sincere. Get out don’t come back. You are worth it.

Go to www.Oprah.com to hook up with more info.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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