Drew Peterson Dismisses Stepbrother!

It has long been said and was reported by Drew Peterson’s stepbrother that he thought he may have helped Peterson “get rid of Stacy”!

Early on in the investigation Thomas Morphey told investigators that Peterson and himself moved a blue barrel that was warm to the touch and after the fact he thought that he may have helped Drew Peterson dispose of his wife!  Since that bit of news came out Drew Peterson and his lawyer Joel Brodsky have continually attacked the character of Thomas Morphey! Brodsky came out earlier and said that Morphey was a drug addict and mental case.

Now Morphey has been interviewed by several papers and a news program and stated that the day before the blue barrel incident, his stepbrother Peterson asked him several questions : Morphey says Peterson asked him: “How much do you love me?’, and “enough to kill for me?” And Morphey went on to say that Peterson also told him : “Could you live with knowing about it?” to that Morphey said “yeah, I guess. We always figured you killed Kathleen.”

Morphey has not been called to testify before the grand jury yet. Brodsky, Peterson’s lawyer feels that they think Morphey is shaky at best or they would already have his testimony. Brodsky thinks that Morphey is not a credible witness therefore Peterson should not worry about him.

Isn’t it funny how no matter what, anyone and everyone that has ever come in contact with Drew Peterson is either a liar, cheat, drug addict, nuts in the head, or has some kind of shady past? Here we go again!  Damage control by way of the Brodsky!  Ooops it must be time for an appearance on TV!  I sure hope I don’t see the ugly mug of Peterson on any TV show in the near future.

According to a spokesperson that was quoted by the Chicago Tribune, Charles Pelkie from the state’s attorney’s office, he did not reflect on whether or not Morphey had testified before a grand jury or not, but he did say, that the investigation is going ahead and they are expected to have a conclusion to one of the cases shortly.

I can’t wait until we hear something regarding the two cases, Kathleen Savio drowned in a dry bath tub and after exhumation of her body it was ruled a homicide. Peterson is also still a person of interest in the case of his now missing wife Stacy Peterson. 

Whatever you personally think might have happened, it has to be proven in the court of law. Here’s to hoping whether it would be the case of Stacy Peterson, or the case of Katheleen Savio, that the Will County States Attorny office bring the charges, prove the charges and then lock up the continual abuser! (for good)

I am also hoping that a blue barrel surfaces this summer to prove that Morphey fully bared soul was not in vain. And that Stacy Peterson’s family can have closure. And that enough evidence was gathered to prove Peterson drowned Kathleen Savio in the tub, and that her family can also have closure as well.

P.S. How is Christina, Drew? Is she fully brainwashed yet?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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