CMA Back To Court Today!

Casey Anthony, flanked by Jose Baez and Linda K.Baden on either side of her, appeared uneasy. The lawyers discuss today forensics and the suicide letter. Judge found that the suicide note  should not be released to the public as the judge felt it was personal in nature. The media however, can come in after the fact and request it be released to the public since they were not present in the court room today.

It looks that the rest of the requested information by Baez is a smoke screen. Baez is all about the drama. There is no grounds for prosecutorial misconduct. At this point, the evidence has been processed and all of the information has been turned over. Basically this is about  Baez trying to seek out a number of motions that are wasting the courts’ time. He’s attacking protocol and other simple items like notes for example, that he would not be privy too, or they don’t even exist.

The forensics and the FBI team were very precise in their examinations and investigations in this case. The Bozo Baez team would like to say that test results including things like “maggots” in Casey’s car resulted from just garbage. They most likely will introduce this kind of info. into court when the trial actually begins.

So overall, nothing new coming up or introduced. Baez despirately seeking an angle in which to run. Baez team is trying to construct a defense for his client. Nothing does speak louder to most of the potential jurors than the fact that Casey did not report her child missing for over one month. That resonates with me and I am sure it will with others as well.

Good Luck C M A and your team; counting down until the start of the trial for murder 1.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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