Oprah/Tyra Banks On Domestic Violence!

Oprah has Tyra Banks on the Oprah show talking about domestic violence. Tyra said that Rihanna grew up in a violent upbringing.  Tyra had interviewed Rihanna when her hit song “Under My Umbrella” broke. And Tyra also had a separate interview with Chris Brown long before Rihanna and Chris were an “item”. Chris Brown said that he watched domestic violence growing up on the Tyrashow. He was forthcoming and said that he would look at women much different than all that he had witnessed. He also said he witnessed this kind of behavior from the age of 7 until 13 years old.

Tyra said as she looked back at this interview that she did, she couldn’t believe that he was repeating this behavior. She did not want to believe it! Tyra and Oprah believe that this is a teaching moment. They both believe that Chris Brown and Rihanna have everything      they need at their disposal to proceed with getting the help that they will need.

Oprah told one young teen in the audience that the reason that she went back to him in her opinion is that Rihanna does not respect herself enough and went back to him because she does not think she is worthy enough of a man that won’t hit her! The teen in the audience thinks that it was self-defense and that it was okay that Chris Brown did this to her!!! It seems like teens think that it is okay for men to hit women-like she deserved it! Wow!

Tyra explained that she was in a relationship that was overtly abusive and it took a couple of times to leave, but that she finally faced herself in the mirror and asked herself  why she was in this relationship. She was trying to convey to the girls in the audience that abuse is abuse and that it will continue to escalate.

Oprah’s show listed the warning signs of the escalation of the abuse. Abusers will mask their intentions to rest of the outside world, and even turn on the charm in front of others, to effectively make the person that is being abused look like they are crazy in front of everyone. Abusers are manipulators.

Oprah highlighted a girl from Charlotte North Carolina who just last week was murdered by her boyfriend. And her girlfriends were on the show via skype or satellite. They expressed disappointment in Rihanna for going back to Chris Brown.  They also look at her as she is a role model. But Tyra chimed in and told the audience that she is just like any woman/girl anywhere. She is stuck in a cycle of abuse.

Tyra and Oprah are trying to get the word out that abuse of any form is not acceptable! Control, yelling, telling you what to do, making you dress a certain way, and even keep ing you away from your family are all forms of abuse not to mention these are also warning signs that you are with an abuser.

I say thank you Oprah, thank you Tyra for trying to change the thought process of these girls who think that it is okay to be abused! It is not acceptable in any form. I’m sure that all of those who have lost children to abuse/domestic violence are happy you have done this show. The overwhelming loss created by an abuser will change their lives forever.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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