Howard K. Stern Finally Charged!

Most people in general were kind of sick of seeing Anna Nicole Smith on TV acting like a bumbling air-head!  But always even the best of us back then kept saying to ourselves this woman must be on something! Who could act like that for real?

It was released last night that finally Howard K. Stern was being charged with having administered drugs to Anna Nicole Smith that sadly contributed to her demise. Howard K. Stern was once the lawyer to Anna Nicole, but sometime during their business relationship he became her boyfriend. He was romantically involved with her. But that did not stop Mr. Stern from providing Anna Nicole with prescription medication, and in fact he not only obtained them for her, he administered them to her.

He is now known as Anna Nicoles’ biggest enabler. Thousands of pills were prescribed to her from 2004-2007, even though Mr. Stern whom was so in love with Anna Nicole ,knew that she was an addict and continue to aid and assist her in taking this medication. During the trial that subsequently followed her death I keep remembering the court proceedings and how her very own mother was made to look like a horrible person. When all along the horrible person was sitting with a table full of council and was trying his next shady move:  to claim her newly born child named Dannilynn was his!

How low could he go? Well the paternity tests were done and we all know the outcome: it was not Howard K. Stern’s. The audience and the courtroom breathed a sigh of relief. I know back then it appeared that he was a shady character. And Mr. Stern was thinking of only the dollar bills that could be coming his way. I hope that Mr. Stern will have to relinquish the trusteeship that he now holds regarding the case of Dannilynn.

He gave those drugs, which included opiates and sedatives to Anna Nicole for no apparent medical purpose. I wonder could this be attempted murder?

Howard K. Stern turned himself in and was charged, he posted a $20,000 bail. He was charged along with Dr. Kapoor, and a second doctor has also been named Dr. Khristine Eroshevich; yet to be fully charged. Among the charges That the doctors dispensed,prescribed, and administered controlled substances. And also to prescribe, administer, and dispensed a controlled substance to a known addict.

We will watch the impending trials, that will invade and commandeer our TV sets, and Internets in the nearest of futures.

It’s just a shame she had to die, I’ll bet she never seen it coming!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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