Thomas Morhphey Says Drew Lied!

Drew Peterson’s stepbrother came out and went on Good Morning America. He was touting the conversation he had with his slippery stepbrother Drew Peterson. His conversation was interesting, stating that his brother Drew Peterson wanted to know how much he  loved  him, and could he kill for him!  He told his brother no, then Peterson said, could you live with knowing about it?  He said, well, that’s what we thought happened to Kathleen. The day beforethat conversation transpired, another one took place.  Peterson asked his brother to get a storage unit in Bolingbrook. Morphey refused to do it for him. Thomas Morphey stated that he wished he’d have done it now, because he thinks that Drew Peterson was going to put Stacy Peterson in the storage unit. Stating that at least we’d know where Stacy was. Even though, Thomas Morphey felt like Drew would have been setting him up.  But he did refuse. Later, he did help Drew move a large blue barrel that was warm to the touch and heavy. He does not know what  Drew Peterson did with the barrel. He also believes that he inadvertently moved Stacy with Drew.(in that blue barrel)

Peterson’s lawyer Brodsky was on TV saying that the morning show was irresponsible because Thomas Morphey is not a credible person. Because he has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and that he is a bipolar personality. Thomas Morphey stated that he is all those things and that is why Drew Peterson chose him for the dirty work. He feels that Drew thought enough ahead to make it appear that he was the one who did everything.  So whether the testimony of Thomas Morphey will be used or not, he wants everyone out there to know that he feels Drew Peterson killed Stacy Peterson period.

Well, Drew Peterson and Mr. Brodsky it is only a matter of time. Good luck erasing the truth from so many minds. Bipolar people fuction in the everyday pace of the world each day, and there are people who drink way too much and go to work everyday, and finally a great deal of drug abusers also hold down jobs, and some still have a wonderful family life. By way of Thomas Morphey, it  would be a tough climb to prove that he couldn’t get it together enough to know right from wrong. It appears that he did just that; he told Drew a resounding NO that he would not get the storage unit!  Whew, good for him!

Brodsky claimed that Drew Peterson wanted a storage unit to store tires!  Hmmmmm….This is the day before Stacy Peterson went missing………Who has that many tires?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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