Robin Givens Speaksout on Domestic Violence

Today on the Oprah show; along with a couple of  self-professed domestic violence abusers, Oprah’s show was dedicated to finding out what it is that makes a man hit a woman and what it takes to change that type of behavior.

The men on the show described their abuse, and why they say  it happened.  The underlying theme running through it were the witnessing of abuse growing up. However, not all the abuse was the same. Some abuse was just verbal-type, but mostly it was physical altercation. The laying on of hands. The hands that professed love will also choke you; in one man’s case. They do overall feel that it is most likley learned behavior and that the cycle of abuse can be broken. They did say that they did have “anger-type” behavior while in several public places such as: road rage, cashiers and clerks for example. So perhaps the anger/rage goes hand in hand.

Robin Givens came on the show and is now one of the current spokeswomen for The National Domestic Violence Hot line. The hot line will serve all those who call in to seek council. Robin continued to say that she agrees with Oprah  that once a man hits you he will hit you again. All abuse is unacceptable. And she felt scared for the women that were married to guests on the show. As Robin stated that they have much work to do and she fears for them.

Kevin Powell was also on the show, a former abuser who had his temper witnessed on Big Brother, has changed his life around.  He is trying to get the word out that men need to have council ongoing not just a couple of sessions and be done with it. He thinks that the church is a great resource for deep worship but Powell feels that the abuser still need on going psych/council and truly own the fact that they had done what they had done.

Once again, it had to mentioned on the show that Chris Brown allegedly battered Rihanna. While Robin chimed in and said we saw the pictures, it doesn’t matter if she saw something on Brown’s Blackberry, no one at anytime should be hit. It is better to just walk away.

There are better and different ways to solve any problems.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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