Halle Berry Bad Dress Day!

Did anyone catch the very lovely Halle Berry on Jay Leno’s show this past evening?  What was you thinkin? What in the world was she thinking when she wore that dress?  I think the fashion police need to be out on this one! The color, and the length, looked good and flattered her but, what was not flattering was that the dress was extremely skin tight and not only showed her very curvy thigh and backside, but it also highlighted what is not so curvy about her too.

She looked like a she was a dressed up baked potato with jewelry.  I don’t know the designer of this dress, and I’m sure it would look great on someone. And finally those shoes/sandals with the larger ankle (wide strap) straps that either button or snap on the side and are usually in a high heel seemed to make her legs look even shorter than they are.  I thought Halle was doing too much to look too hot, when if she would have just come out in a pair of jeans and a shirt she would have been just fine. Halle is a real beauty and told the audience that she has finally launched her perfume line after two years in the production process. We watched through having Jay take a smell test  administered by Halle to see what he could smell.  He missed on the chocolate, got the pizza, and guessed leather as Halle held her shoe up to Jay’s nose. It was cute and a bit dumb at the same time. Basically her interview talked about how she loved to be a mom, and that her child is already one year old!

Congrats Halle on your motherhood, I’m still a great fan. But I was wondering if you could hire someone to help you take on Michelle Obama’s look instead of looking like a girl who definately had to be buttered to get into that potato sack you wore last night!

Just my thoughts, just my opinion, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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