The Obamas and The Queen

Wha0  great photo-ops!  What wonderful pictures the Obama’s have had taken with Queen Elizabeth II! The Queen’s face showed emotion as the United States Royals visited her in Buckingham Palace! She not only took the hands of our our first couple, she shook them vigorously, and even returned a hug arms around Michelle Obama! It showed us here in America that Barack and Michelle are revered in other parts of the world. I think that the two are looked as the hopeful future. I think the Obamas are young and vigorous and not only look decent, but are decent.  President Obama came bearing gifts to the Queen. And what cool gifts they are, who wouldn’t like an I-Pod loaded with the very famous show tunes of all time, and videos of the Queen’s visit to the state of Virginia? She also received a song book that was autographed by the famous composer Richard Rogers!  Very nice. And finally their personal meeting with the Queen culminated by a lunch.

Then it was on to visit with the Prime Minister and his wife. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife welcomed the Obama to their home, while the ladies went on a tour of some cancer facilities, the men “kicked-back” and relaxed as President Obama spent some time talking to the little Brown boys about dinosaurs.

Finally, as riots were taking place in the streets of London, the G-20 Summit was taking place. Many world leaders came together to discuss the world’s economic crisis. People of Great Britain are blaming America for the down -turn in the world’s economy. We’ll see what stems from this meeting and all of the arms talks as well. Russia and America dominate in nuclear stockpiles and Russia has taken a very hard-line stance in its dispute with the United States. Our two sides did not discuss the missile defense plan but, Russia did voice its concerns.

And all this took place as President Obama’s aunt appeared in court to ask for asylum from her mother country of Kenya. Zeituni Onyango will have until next year to remain in the U.S. as the judge set her hearing for 2/4/10.  Let’s hope that this won’t shed any poor light on anything the U.S. royal couple tries to make an impact on. After all this couple is riding high on a whril-wind of cool, but it won’t be cool if your aunt is hung up in the court system in our country without papers!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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