Drew Peterson Gets Perks

It’s about the ego. It’s about “what can you do for me?” The endless tour of shows and features in magazines. Drew Peterson claims that he does not get paid for the appearances, nor does he receive any royalties from the appearances and mag. stories. He does receive free paid vacations. After all, the media appears to love Drew Peterson and the newest gal-pal Christina (lunk-head) Raines. Who by this writing has currently moved out of Peterson’s home, again!  People Magazine just did their second story on him.  Drew says to the effect that It was fun and exciting to meet famous people and he’s so sorry that Kathleen died and that Stacy ran away! What? Although at this writing again, he has not been charged with any crime. And claims that he has no wrongdoing in either case. He is listed as suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy, he has also been implicated in the death of his Third wife Kathleen Savio.

The TV networks have given him expense accounts for spending in his paid hotel rooms; that’s pretty good! He and his slimy lawyer Joel Brodsky think it is okay that Peterson makes money off the story. Currently Peterson is living off his pension (so he says), his pension totals over $6,000. per month. The media and the so called public interest in the story drives the Peterson to the first page in the papers, and keeps him believing that he is a celebrity!  I personally think he is a media whore! And for a person that does not want to be a celebrity or a very private person; it seems that all those appearances on TV and magazines, radio programs, appearances in his favorite bar seem to make this writer believe that Peterson and his current arm jewelry, along with his confidant Joel Brodsky makes him nothing more than the average liar!

He can keep himself in the news for as long as he wants to. To me it keeps him on the mind of those who think he should be behind bars and perhaps as he speaks or is interviewed he will give himself away. But for the families who languish their loss due to his hands;they have to relive each account of their missing or deceased loved one. To them his whirlwind of media tour only makes their lives miserable and that isn’t fair! For shame on you Peterson/Brodsky team……do unto others….you know the rest….

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Drew Peterson Gets Perks

  1. Today, Peterson made an embarrassing slip when he told “Good Day Chicago’s” Jan Jeffcoat he told his children their mom was on vacation and never coming back. Jeffcoat asked him why he said “never.” He first said he didn’t say that but later said it was a slip of the tongue.


  2. Hey Katbockli, As I mentioned before and above, people like Peterson are so attracted to fame and fortune. They continue to get addicted to it. They relish and swim in it. But through all these interviews they sometimes forget what lie they say (since they lie so much)and what is really the truth! And thankfully all tv interviews can be replayed to “catch” the liar lieing! Can you say Freud Drew?
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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