Cindy Anthony-Emotional Show

Cindy and George Anthony prove to be on the defensive during the deposing of the Zenaida Gonzalez defamation suit. In fact, the interviews ended in Cindy storming out and claiming she’s done!   What else is new? The Anthony’s wanting full control over something they should have no control over. This is a family that has endured alot starting with the  losing of their granddaughter to a murderous death, then in a very public way ; the memorializing of the baby and lastly most important is the ongoing case of their daughter who is in jail and on trial for that murder. Wow, that is a lot for any one!  So one could expect a slight bit of edginess of the part of Cindy right?

My commentary is the full out attack of anyone that gets in their way(Cindy and George) and the fact that anyone can be subject to those attacks! Cindy has found anyone that disagrees with the thought that Casey is innocent is going to be her victim. It may be a defense mechanism for her, but ultimately she feels that when she can control even just the tiniest bit of anything, it is just a bit of vindication. And she does not care what anyone thinks of her.  But ultimately could this be used against her and the plight of her own daughter’s case.

At the deposition brought as a counter-suit from the charges levied by Casey against Zenaida Gonzalez, Cindy showed her true colors. Both Cindy and George were considered very hostile, combative, and this is caught on tape. Cindy at one point even cursed several times at the lawyers conducting the deposition questioning, and culminating in Cindy walking out on the proceedings. Her personality was mean and she was skirting most of the answers. George made several laughable comments to the lawyers and at one point seemed he was going to explode but his calm head prevailed. He even apologized to Zenaida Gonzalez and said he hoped he would be able to shake her hand in the end of everything.

Going back to Cindy, she chawed her gum and swigged hard on her water bottle along with smirking as questions were asked of her. Upon entry into the office of the lawyers, Cindy set up her own video camera to tape the lawyers asking her the questions. Most lawyers would not advise their clients to tape the lawyers, but it seems like Mr. Conway is not in control of his clients.  At several points, we could tell Cindy was playing for the cameras themselves. She did some despicable things, like saying directly to Zanaida Gonzalez, that she wasn’t as pretty as the description that her daughter gave her, and as she pointed and shouted at Zanaida that she didn’t lose her job!

In the end many discrepancies were noted between Cindy and George’s deposition answers. This will most likely help Ms Gonzalez’s case. It is unfortunate that Cindy did not show the colors of a classy and educated woman, instead she showed everyone that she is taking a hard-nose stance and that she unequivocally believes her daughter Casey’s story about “Zanny the Nanny”! She was mean and cold and often her mannerisms and character reminded me so much of Casey on tape! And then I remembered that the apple does not fall far from the tree!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


10 responses to “Cindy Anthony-Emotional Show

  1. Cindy Anthony is the most ignorant, classless, hateful woman I have ever watched. Her face is PURE HATRED and evil. She cannot shut up that big mouth even when she is making an idiot out of herself. I would be mortified if my Mom acted like this woman. She really is trailer trash who swears like a drunken sailor. I wish the woman who George cheated with would come forward and tell Cindy how miserable she has made George, and thats why he has cheated on her. She is like a PITBULL who conveniently uses Caylee to try and garner sympathy. It’s NOT working psycho Mother. You know what happened to Caylee and you know who did it and why. STOP your freakin LYING!!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree with,you,more! I’ve watched all of these videos and the drama,attitude & arrogance is getting,worse & worse.

    The comments made to ZG about her not being a ten, having a job or having any rights, were not only uncalled for! the A’s were cold, cruel & just… EVIL! This woman was arrested & interoated by LE. Why not apologize to ZG about that?! She was there with her attorney’s because of the A’s useless,murdering daughter!

    I hope that the A’s are intelligent enough, not to treat the Judge, how they treated these attorneys! Seriously! who do these ppl think, they are???? They should be in jail for contempt. Then again, if there was any justice, the A’s would be in jail for obstruction & tampering with evidence.

  3. michellefrommadison

    Considering the circumstances, both Cindy and George did quite well as far as educated people think. 🙂

  4. Hi everyone! I have to feel for anyone whose identity has been trampled!
    I would not want to be Zenaida Gonzalez. She has a counter-suit in answer to the original suit filed by Jose “Bozo” Beaz; not to mention that everyone thinks she may be implicated with the ice-princess Casey.
    I think that Cindy could well have conducted herself a bit better, according to the lawyers they stated that no matter what Cindy was coming in to do battle with them period! We can see where Casey gets her most undesireable traits! Cindy is past the point of being a grieving person; she is one with daggers out and a possible huge amount of guilt to bear. Her shoulders cannot hold any more, so like a rabid dog backed into a corner-she has to fight to get out.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  5. Mary, I agree with you. The descrepencies alone are hopefully going to be used at some point during the trial. I know they cannot be submitted as evidence but they can be submitted if they claim something otherwise on the stand in the trial against Casey.
    How sad that this woman has to endure Cindy’s absolute razor tongue. I wonder how long it will take for Mr. Conway to step down as their attorney?
    I am so interested to find out if anything will be made out of her comment that there was no argument with Casey the night before. Lee stated in the beginning that there was and that was the cause of Casey leaving for a while.
    What happened to George? I wanted him to stand up and be a man from the beginning but not this way. If he was this angry all the way through this I think things would have been different. Not that Caylee would have been alive but maybe found sooner,

    Michelle: Are you serious that you think they did well considering the circumstances? Cindy is the one that brought this woman to the spotlight by going on tv and continuing to insist that she had Caylee. She knew there was no nanny and she knew that Casey did not work. But she also knew or should I say thought that she again is above the law…

  6. michellefrommadison

    In answer to your question halfpint42592, the answer is “yes, documented and proven.” 🙂

  7. Hi everyone! My dear ladies being deposed is sometimes a difficult and arduous thing to do. In this particular case, however, cooler heads do prevail, and are less likely to purger themselves if thinking in the correct frame of mind. In my mind Cindy gives more fuel to the fire. Purgery may well be used against her in the actual trial. Being emotional is one thing, but being bullied is another; it appears that Mr. Conway does not have control over his clients and I’m am sure he did not advise them to be combative and nasty to the core; further causing the mental anquish of Zenaida Gonsalez. More fuel to the fire! Nor has anyone been advised to tape the lawyers during the depositions! It just is not ever done. The court-reporter would have written or taped conversations, for review if later needed. This is the protocall.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

  8. michellefrommadison

    I agree with you, both Cindy and Geprge did an exceptional job considering the circumstances. 🙂

  9. Mary, I am wondering if Cindy will be selling the deposition tape for another 200,000.00 After all George is only going to work on the search and rescue, or recovery of missing children with the new boat. Since the foundation has not been started and they have not gotten the salries for heading the foundation up, the money’s got to be running low at this point…

  10. halfpint42592, One can only wonder! Desperate people will do desperate things, when $$ run low; scruples also follow.

    Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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