Jennifer Hudson Bringing It Home!

Although I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to attend her concert this past Saturday, I have heard that it was great!  Jennifer Hudson is on a tour of about nineteen cities with singer Robin Thicke. It is her first tour ever and still reeling from the awful murderous  incident that had taken her mother, brother, and nephew, her fans love her.

Her appearance on stage, and with  picking Chicago as the kick off leg of her tour is very special. Jennifer Hudson made great appearances of recent on the stages of several award shows, but Jennifer made it special by bringing herself  home to neighbors and friends and just fans who adore her. She has been on a stairway to fame ever since the American Idol show. The show where even the winners sometimes are never heard from again. But with Jennifer Hudson it is different. Hudson is warm and made lots of references to the fact that she is home in Chicago and her fans loved it! They ate it up.

Jennifer sang for a short fifty minutes; and the fans wanted more. The Oscar winner had sold out her show here in mere minutes, and we are hoping that the performer will come back to “Sweet Home Chicago” soon!

Ms Hudson was well-tuned, sassy, and showing everyone here and in the world, when you’re good you’re good and performers the likes of her come by only once in awhile. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer, we’re glad you came home. You let Chicago see their very own, fighting good and hard to get back after a devastatingly tragic event!  We here wish her well and await her next arrival.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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