Cindy Anthony-She Dumped Oprah!

Cindy Anthony claims that in a text message she sent to WKMG reporter Jessica D’Onofrio, she claims that she is the one whom dumped Oprah Winfrey not the other way around. Cindy Anthony says to her something to this effect:  oh BTW (means by the way) I cancelled Oprah b/c (means because) of Integrity. hmmmmmmm……Really?

Oprah’s people say that based on the fact that Cindy and George Anthony made an appearance and participated in an in-depth interview on CBS’s Early Show, and other programs they decided not to move forward with the interview at this time. Oprah’s people were asked by D’Ononfrio if this was true and her staff told her that there would not be any further comments at this time.

Well whoever called it off- I don’t care. I am happy that Oprah’s stage will not be graced by the likes of these two. I would welcome their comments and an interview long after the case has been tried and the sentencing done. I think that at this time they have nothing to share or add. I think that this is about money, period! 

I know that this writer was out on e-mail, twitter, and Oprah’s direct web-site trying to get people to ask Oprah to dump the show. I think there was enough of a public outcry about this, and Oprah is just too good! Period.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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