Jose Baez Speaks and Speaks and Speaks…………………….

Some interested viewers are thinking that Jose Baez is speaking way too much! Some are critical of the lawyer whom is currently defending the notorious ice princess Casey Anthony, saying that he should be more tight-lipped with comments.

Jose Baez has been in the press before, and continues of late to be back in front of the press crying out about things like the death peanalty. Baez takes the stance that he personally thinks that the death penalty does not work. He thinks our system is too flawed and filled with imperfections. He continues to go on to say that he and his defense team, along with client pole-dancer Casey that they will not be intimidated. He feels that he has thus far put up the best defense that he can, and he also feels that he thinks he has persuaded enough great professional people behind him to mount a good case.

He further states that he believes that Casey is not guilty because she said so in court, and in her signed waiver! Wow, I’d say the system he believes in sounds a little flawed wouldn’t you say? If that were the case,Uh I think absolutely no one would be in jail at all!

I agree that not always is the death penalty warranted, but in this case, what can you say?

Baez states that this is certainly alot of pressure. There is a lot at stake; a persons life is at stake. Baez says that if he makes mistakes that could cost a client years of their freedom. He will continue to challenge the evidence and eliminate any mistakes. And he claims that all of recent scientific evidence that will be presented will be a considerable amount of “junk science”, because he says that the human decomposition evidence should never be admitted into evidence into a court of law. And that this evidence is not fully accepted and does not rise to the level of all other evidence!  I remember that it was not too long ago that DNA as well as fingerprints weren’t acceptable. I guess things could change with this case!

I guess we will see how much doubt can be cast in order to prove Casey Anthony’s innocence, Good Luck Baez team I hope you can do a flawless job with your persuaded cast of professionals and lawyers.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


7 responses to “Jose Baez Speaks and Speaks and Speaks…………………….

  1. It would be in the best Interest of Mr. Baez and his Client Casey A. if he would quit talking so much to the Media. I guess his Intentions are to establish reasonable Doubt.
    Personally I believe his Defense Strategy is getting clearer every time he is making a Statement.
    His Client will never be proven innocent in the Court of Law despite of what Mr. Baez keeps on
    trying to make Every One believe.
    Whatever Strategy Mr. Baez will end up using in this Case, he might and that is a Big Maybe will
    succeed in establishing a reasonable Doubt by
    bringing up all kinds of Excuses why Casey acted the Way she did, he also will try to discredit
    all the forensic Evidence in this Case, I doubt that he will succeed. All these Efforts considered
    still wouldn’t make his Client innocent in the
    Death of her own Child.
    Mr. Baez needs to wait till the Trial when All the Cards from Both Sides are laid on the Table, then
    only then will we see how all that will play out.
    I sure hope the Jurors will be level headed and
    see through all the BS the Defense is pulling in this Case.
    Caylee Marie deserves Justice and I would hope
    that Caylee’s Voice will be heard through the Evidence the Prosecution has which leads
    to one Person only, Casey Anthony. JMO

  2. Hi Hilde! You are so right, just because the media has reported o this and that does not mean that we know everything, because I am sure that we do not. It is also their performance in the court room before the judge that will have play into this as well. I cannot wait until October so that Caylee can recieve justice!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone. Mary Caliendo

  3. michellefrommadison

    So far, according to those that are formally educated in Law and Psychology, Jose Baez is doing quite a good job at representing the non-convicted defendant named Casey Anthony, if one looks at the facts of the case and knows how the system actually works in procedures.

  4. MFM…..
    why do You have the Need to put down the other Bloggers for voicing their Opinions?
    You don’t know any of these People.
    You seem to always say the same Thing without making a valid Point.
    All Your Comments are good for is to give us
    a good Laugh and Entertainment, that is All!
    Someone constantly reminding other People how smart they are seem to me have a Problem
    their selfs.
    Maybe in Your Case You just get a Kick out of trying to insult People, You must have a lot of time on Your Hand.
    Your Words are just Words and
    don’t mean a Thing to me for the simple Reason I don’t have to proof anything to You, because I know who I am and that is all what matters.
    We have Professionals who are taking Care of this Case and we leave it up to them to present the Evidence and Facts in this Case. They are the Ones are getting paid for doing their Job!
    All we do is give our Opinion, like it or not!

  5. michellefrommadison

    Sorry Hilde, but you are wrong on your last troll-post. I have never put anyone “down” as you so incorrectly state. I have, however, stated proven facts that many people like you find difficult understanding since they either lack the motivation to verify such facts or they don’t know how to do so. I expect both may apply to you Hilde, as I have seen you listed on the troll-blogs as a confirmed internet-troll. Be that as it may, your trolling still does not affect the facts I present, nor will it change the mission of other well-educated people like myself to continue to try to help uneducated, ill-informed, or not-informed people like yourself Hilde. Your denial of proven facts is a consistent approach that many trolls like you take, to deny the facts and to attack the messenger of information that may not have the intellect to fully understand. And, you are welcome for my attempt in helping to educate you. 🙂

  6. 😆
    MFM….You just confirmed to me who You are!

  7. michellefrommadison

    Great Hilde, and you are welcome yet again. Be sure to check the University sites, there are still a few openings left for next semester that you might be able to get into to further help in your needed education.

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